photography by Vincent J. Musi


It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to create a unique photograph that captures the beauty, spirit and personality of an animal.
— vincent j musi

I created The Unleashed Studio to make beautiful fine-art photographs of cherished pets, using the same lighting and photographic techniques that I do for the National Geographic.

Over the last 20 years my photographs have appeared on the cover of National Geographic 11 times. We've photographed lions, tigers, chimpanzees, rats, crows, horses, dolphins and even a 9,000lb elephant.

I'm one of the most unlikely people to be photographing animals for National Geographic. One day a famous prairie dog helped me discover my inner Doctor Dolittle. Since then I've wanted to become the Annie Leibovitz of animal photographers.  I've been bitten, chased, charged, clawed, scratched, pooped on and peed on. My TEDx talk is a funny look at how I got my start and an introduction to some really famous animals.

You can also see more of my assignment work at